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HD Online Player (kabhi Alvida Na Kehna Hd 1080p Blu R)




. ​ The Power of a Good Night’s Sleep The four couples are given the choice of where to spend their summers: Paris, Spain, or North Carolina. They also pick a different job (babysitter, wedding planner, etc.) to do in the summer. Rishi and Maya's choice: "In the mountains to hike, fish, and kayak for a week. " Kori is given the job of being a babysitter, and she gets a choice: spend the week looking after a one-year-old, a two-year-old, a six-year-old, or none at all. Finally, the couples have to face the most important choice of all, and the last chapter. They must select one of their friends who will move in and share a house with them for a week. Each of the friends is given one condition to bring to the house: "Rita must join me and learn about the joy of being gay. Please make her see that the joy is worth the frustration and that I love her. Martha must join me and learn how to be a bitch and so that I can teach her to stop being one. Please make her see that I hate her. And finally, Dean must join me and learn how to have great sex. Please, please, please make sure that he has a great time.” The end result: Rishi and Maya win, Kori and Maya lose. Quotes "People think the kind of thing you say on the phone can't possibly be the same as what you say to your friends. It's even worse in person. With kids, they're always on your case. The instant they see you aren't paying attention to them, they think, 'See, I told you I could read your mind.'" "With a marriage, the only way to truly know how you feel about your partner is to have a face-to-face discussion. If you can't do that, then you have to go for a walk, a drive, or a hike, and you have to sit for hours and say what you really think to the person you love. With sex, it's the same thing. You have to get out there and you have to talk to your partner." "Men and women are alike in that they say things they don't mean and do things they don't want to do. And sometimes, when you do that, you take them too seriously. I




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HD Online Player (kabhi Alvida Na Kehna Hd 1080p Blu R)

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